How to Cancel a Booking Made On-line With Hotels in Paris Ltd

  • Find the reservation / booking email confirmation we sent to you.
  • Read down it until you come to the link to cancel or change your booking.
  • Click on the link to go to the cancellation page.
  • Enter the details it askes for, email address, PIN number etc that are on your email.
  • You will be asked to click a button to confirm that you do want to cancel.
  • Once this operation is completed you will get a cancellation confirmaion by email to the same email address you used to book.
  • When you get it and you have canceled your reservation.

I cannot cancel online, what do I do now?

If you have lost your email or for any other reason cannot cancel your booking please contact us. Telephone: +44 (0) 1904 338885. Please try to ensure this is during our opening hours 9am - 6pm GMT

There should be no charge for booking canceled inline with the hotels policy

If you have cancelled within the terms of the policy stated during the booking process and / or on the confirmation email there should be no charge.

However this can depend on what hotel you book, what room type you book, when you book and when you book for. Some of our hotels, usually special low price deals, have a no refund policy. This should be made clear to you during the booking process.